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Bleach Story RPG

  • "I am a perfect being!"
  • "First a Bankai user, then a Quincy! I have such good luck! If I were Yammy, I would probably be on the verge of shouting suerte!"
  • "Inferior beings such as yourselves irritating me to this extent and even forcing me to fight you at full strength. That is the very definition of a "bad joke".
  • (To Renji Abarai and Uryū Ishida) "You all get surprised from just a small thing, and you don't see what's ahead. Just like kids. Humans, Shinigami, and Quincy... they're all the same. They're equally inferior. If there's a reason for you to be destroyed by Aizen-sama, it's because... of your inferiority."
  • (To Mayuri Kurotsuchi) "The phoenix, often referred to as the immortal bird, is said to light a flame in the body of the elderly, from which it ignites the power of rebirth. Understand? Immortality. That is what it means to be perfect. Not the transcendence of death, but rather capturing one's life and death within the cycle of rebirth. That which is called "death" is not removed from my existence! I exist as a being without any interruption in the cycle of life and death! That which is called a "perfect existence"! To me, the phenomenon of death does not exist. Even if you kill me before I completely come back to life, I will come back to life. Realize this: you who are incapable of killing me will never achieve victory against me, Mayuri Kurotsuchi."