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M-24 is taken by Na Yonsu and An Sangeen to one of the facilities of KSA. They are surprised that Rai and the modified human know each other. Soon, M-21 along with Tao and Takeo also arrive at the place. Tao and Takeo wonder why the face looks familiar but can't recognize him. Rai calls M-21 to have a look and it leaves M-21 shocked. He thinks back to the incident when M-24 supposedly died and is a bit suspicious but when M-24 talks to him, he is happy as its the same way how M-24 always talked to him. Everyone is shocked to hear M-24's name and Tao recognizes him as M-21's partner. M-21 tells him his feelings and they talk for a while.

Rai leaves the room, with Regis and Seira following him. Frankenstein discusses how M-24 was killed in the incident as he confirmed so himself. Rai comments that M-24 is the same person, but feels strangely odd. They discuss that they need to check what is happening.

Elsewhere, Crombel talks to Yuri, who informs him that Union has sent 2 Elders to investigate the recent case. He also adds that M-24 has been successful in escaping. After Yuri leaves, Crombel starts smirking as his plan was successful. He believes that he can gain more information regarding Frankenstein and his experiments which strengthened M-21, Tao and Takeo through M-24. According to him even if they realize that M-24 is not himself, M-21 would never abandon him and thus they will be separated from others, making it easier for him to recapture them.