You'll Never Beat Me!

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Noblesse Chapter 240. Berserk Human

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Noblesse Chapter 242. The Battle Of Sins (1)


Frankenstein wonders why two clan leaders, ones who have infinite life and rules over noble houses, have come to meet him. Both Gejutel and Ragar are shocked that a human has precise knowledge about clan leaders. Gejutel replies to Frankenstein that they have come to take him to meet someone. At this, Frankenstein realizes that it must have been the Lord who has sent them and they've come to take him to the Lord. With an arrogant face, he defies to be taken. Furthermore, he asks them to tell the Lord to come here and meet him instead. Ragar is enraged on Frankenstein as he dared to insult the lord.

Ragar tells Frankenstein that he is being summoned as he has committed the heinous crime of hunting down nobles for his experiments. Frankenstein thinks it even for him to hunt nobles if they can hunt humans. He refers to the attacks made on human villages not long ago. Ragar throws it out of question for nobles being involved as the attacks were made by mutants. At this, Frankenstein growls back with rage that nobles are the ones who create mutants leaving Gejutel to wonder just how much this human knows and leaps into attack which Ragar evades easily. Ragar asks Gejutel to stay out of this and starts to fight while Gejutel is left wondering whether what Frankenstein has said is really true ~ what if nobles should actually be hold responsible for the mindless actions of mutants.

The fight begins between Frankenstein and Ragar. Ragar plunges his hand right into his opponent's back but to his surprise, Frankenstein starts emanating dark power rather than bleeding. Ragar soon finds out why the knights weren't enough to capture this human as Frankenstein manages to keep up with his speed and shower countless dark projectiles at him. Having a hard time to fight Frankenstein without mangling him, Ragar decides to bring out Kartas. Frankenstein shows to know that it's a soul weapon, again leaving the clan leaders stupified regarding his knowledge. But it's bad news for him as he knows he's no match for a clan leader with soul weapon. So, he bombs another surprise summoning his own weapon: the Dark Spear! As dark clouds hover over the battle zone, the presence of this immense dark aura is felt throughout Lukedonia.