300px-Cover 394 Naruto

Bleach Story RPG

With the situation becoming dire on Darui's battlefield, headquarters decides to send him the Kohaku no Jōhei in order for him to seal the rampaging Kinkaku. Shikaku, through Inoichi's telepathy alerts Darui to their plan, telling him to hold out until the Ino–Shika–Chō trio could arrive. Wondering how they would be able to send the pot in time, A allays Tsunade's worries noting that his secretary Mabui's abilities would come in handy here. Using her Heavenly Transfer Technique, Mabui transports the pot to Darui who then faces Kinkaku head on in order to protect the pot until reinforcements could arrive. Joined by some of his division's remaining members, they lay a counter-attack which is able to hold off Kinkaku until Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji arrives. Calling out to his squad members, they launch an explosive attack which masks Chōji's attack. The young man is easily thrown however, but buys enough time for Shikamaru to bind Kinkaku. Declaring that this was trivial, Kinkaku easily breaks Shikamaru's technique and moves to attack him with his tail. This attack is stopped, however, within a split-hair of Shikamaru's face by Ino, who had transferred her consciousness into Kinkaku. Opening the pot and calling out Kinkaku's name, Ino responds and Kinkaku is absorbed. Wondering how it was that he and his brother could have been defeated by such third-rate shinobi, Darui explains that when you amass enough copper pieces, they'll eventually be worth more than gold and silver. Regrouping and moving on to the next battle, the trio is confronted by Kakuzu who looms over them as he tells them that even though they had captured his side's gold and silver pieces, Akatsuki also had gold and silver pieces of the Alliance as he shows them Dan Katō and later, much more to their shock, their former sensei: Asuma Sarutobi.

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