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The daimyō of the Five Great Shinobi Countries gather at a fortified house where they leisurely discussed the Allied Shinobi Forces and what medals to award the shinobi after the war when Black Zetsu appears. Black Zetsu infiltrates the fortress to assassinate the daimyō but his attempt ends in a failure as the daimyō had been moved to a new location prior and all that was left there were wooden dummies. Surrounded by shinobi and a net, he flees premises and maintains his surveillance stating that they were underestimating him. Mei Terumī and her team escort the daimyō of the Land of Frost and assures him of his security. Meanwhile at the coastline of the Land of Lightning, Darui launches his assault on the enemy forces using his Black Lightning technique. Hizashi confronts his brother, Hiashi and reiterates that his death was for the sake of the entire Hyūga clan and the village despite being reincarnated and forced against his will to fight for the enemy. In the meantime, Kankurō and his division faces another group of reincarnated shinobi — Chiyo, Hanzō, Kimimaro — who were recruited by Chūkichi to provide backup to the Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon. In the desert, Shikamaru receives the orders from headquarters to takes half of his squad and assist Darui's division. Temari was visibly perplexed as they were about to face a powerful kekkei tōta shinobi. Ōnoki arrives on the battlefield to assist the Fourth Division. Still at the coastline, Darui now faces the Gold and Silver Brothers: Kinkaku and Ginkaku and apologises for the fact that he would now have to take away their "gold and silver" glow even further with one strike of his Storm Release.

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