300px-For my friend

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Kabuto mobilises his undead army and Tobi mobilises his 100,000 White Zetsu underground. Anko tells her team-mates to leave her and relay the intel to the Allied Shinobi Forces. However, Anko is being attacked by Kabuto, who manages to incapacitate her. Meanwhile at Kumogakure, arguments start between the shinobi, many of them former enemies. Gaara starts his speech, telling that despite the pain and hatred he had it was Naruto who changed him and accepted him as a friend even though he was Naruto's enemy. Gaara points how all of them suffered because of Akatsuki, and that Akatsuki is now targeting Naruto. The arguments stop, with the shinobi apologising for their earlier behaviour, and cheer on Gaara. After the speech, the Allied Shinobi Forces mobilises. In the Island Turtle, Naruto successfully stacks up and balances the rocks, and Killer B tells that there is one final step to his training.