Cover 395

The Vindice exclaims in shock at seeing Tsuna, Enma, and Basil, and notes that they used the spare Rainbow Wristwatches. He deduces that the Alliance Team's plan was to pick off Team Bermuda's members one by one, and they collectively prepared the trap for all Vindice members. Basil explains their reasoning, deducing that Bermuda and Jager would go to Team Reborn to hear Reborn's answer, two others would go to Team Verde, and only one would go to Team Mammon due to them only having two active members. The Vindice questions their membership choice of those sent to fight him, but Tsuna cuts him off, stating that they had no more time to talk. The Vindice scoffs at their arrogance, and summons two Ginger Bread dolls last seen in the Millefiore Famiglia in the future. The Vindice reveals that he had been in the Vindice almost as long as Bermuda, and that he created the Ginger Bread dolls to meddle within the wars of the mafia and, on occasion, destroy various Famiglias themselves. The Ginger Bread dolls quickly attack the trio, but they quickly retaliate and Basil easily destroys the dolls. The Vindice cries out in shock at the dolls' easy defeat, but his Rainbow Wristwatch is suddenly crushed by a swiftly moving Tsuna. The trio then flee to eliminate Team Verde's attackers.

At Reborn, Jager, and Bermuda's confrontation, Jager and Bermuda note that the Vindice, Alejandro, was eliminated through an ambush by Tsuna, Enma, and Basil. Bermuda notes that he could no longer track them after the battle, congratulating Reborn on his Alliance Team's technology. Bermuda also notices that Big Pino and Small Gia, the two Vindice assigned to attack Team Verde, were currently occupied fighting Illusions, there to stall them until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrived to eliminate them. Jager wants to assist Big Pino and Smorgia, but Reborn interrupts him, telling him that he should worry about himself. Dino, Xanxus, Mukuro, Squalo and Byakuran then arrive to confront the Vindice.

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