The Perfume Dedicated To You
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Fairy Tail Chapter 294. BATTLE OF DRAGON SLAYERS


Bleach Story RPG

The tag team battles begin with Ichiya and the masked person in the bunny suit fighting Bacchus and Rocker. Everybody is curious as to who is in the bunny suit, and Ichiya excitedly reveals it to be his Edolas counterpart, Nichiya. Everybody is surprised, especially Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Pantherlily. The two counterparts strike a pose, while everybody else makes unsatisfying faces, and Ichiya calls meeting himself destiny. Bacchus then lunges at Nichya and hits him down instantly, with Ren asking Ichiya if his counterpart can actually fight. Ichiya is still convinced the Exceed can, until it is pointed out that he has already fainted from the single attack. The two Quatro Puppy teammates then start attacking Ichiya. As Ichiya continues to take attacks he thinks about how his counterpart agreed to battle even though he knew he had no skills. Ichiya suddenly gets very serious and dedicates his next perfume attack to Nichiya. Ichiya uses his Power Perfume attack, Hohoemi, and punches both Bacchus and Rocker with all of his might, flinging them into the arena walls and giving victory to Team Blue Pegasus. Everybody is impressed by Ichiya's display of power, especially Erza, who is surprised he defeated Bacchus.

Next, Millianna and Kagura fight Lyon and Yuka, though the battle ends in a draw. As Kagura and Millianna walk away, Lyon and Yuka notice how Kagura still didn't use her full strength. Kagura also lectures Millianna, urging her to become stronger, for she claims that if Millianna were to fight Lyon in a battle to the death, she would lose. Finally, Team Fairy Tail and Team Sabertooth prepare to fight. The crowd roars as Team Fairy Tail's representatives, Gajeel and Natsu take to the field to fight Sting and Rogue.

Meanwhile, in an unspecified location, Igneel speaks to himself, curious to see the potential of the Dragon Slayers his fellow dragons, Vicelogia and Skyadrum, have created. This leads him to wonder if humans will ever exceed dragons, or if it is a mere dream. Igneel realizes the time for dragon-kind to take action is soon, as the Dragon King Festival approaches. As this happens, all four Dragon Slayers confront each other, ready for battle.