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*Rule One - No Advertising: We have added an advertisement and affiliation section for good reason, and there's no reason to post advertisements in the chatbox. Please do not post links to rival sites, or other roleplay forums in general. If you've made an honest mistake like copy pasting the wrong thing and happening to stick a link to another site in your unintended message, we can forgive that, but upon advertising, you will either be given one warning, or you will be banned, depending upon your specific situation. However, there's no second chances for blatant advertising after you've been warned once, and you are banned for 24 hours again. If you get busted again for the same thing after that, you're banned until an admin decides what to do with you.

*Rule Two - Peace: You may not flame people in the chatbox. Don't throw insults, don't make rude comments or aggressive accusations, and don't make fun of people - this includes unnecessary sarcasm. Basically, don't set out to intentionally harm others with your words in the chatbox. This includes provoking others. In the case of such arguements or instances of flaming, the one who started it is banned. If you are being flamed and you defend yourself within reason, such as denying false accusations or disproving claims, you are justified and will not be punished. However, it's important that you don't stoop as low as the offender, and do not by any means start slinging mud around as well. You may defend yourself; but if you go beyond that, you may get into trouble as well. This is treated as a case by case basis, but chat staff must defend those who are being flamed by kicking the flamer as a warning, officially telling them that they are warned and that they must stop, and banning them for 24 hours if they continue to flame. If an offender has been banned for this 3 times, then they are permanently banned from the cbox unless an administrator decides to repeal their ban at the discretion of the admin.

*Rule Three - No Porn: Forumotion has deleted sites for excessive sexual content in the past, and posting porn can get us in trouble. It's even worse if children happen to see it - not everyone here is 18 or older. So, please, don't post hentai or porn. This includes images that show excessive nudity and sexual content. If done once, you will be warned. A second offense results in a 48 hour ban from the chat.

*Rule four - No illegalities: Please, don't plan or commit illegal activities here, such as illegal hacking, distribution of drugs, or other things that would incriminate you and/or the site. This is a serious offense, and can result in a forum AND chat ban if you fail to heed warnings.

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