Cage 1

Bleach Story RPG

Oomori tries to reason with Nishikiori's men. They don't need to listen to Nishikiori since they are close to Okinawa. The men ignore her instead they ogle at the cage of girls. Nishikiori comes by and asks about the ballots. Two guys check out the ballots and find it blank. Nishikiori already anticipates it, so he adds another rule. Rion will be killed if nobody writes any names on their ballot. The girls are sacred of the choice they have to make. Rion still believes Akira and the others will come. Nishikiori isn't afraid of 10 middle schoolers against 50 armed adults with hostages. Kubo tells him in private he overheard from the prisoners they are close to Okinawa. Nishikiori doesn't believe that.

Nishikiori's men are repairing their camp. Shiraishi looks at his hand. Arisa asks him what's wrong. He recalled hitting Akira. Aikawa tries to ease his mind. He believes Akira and the others will not coming back to save their friends. Katsuragi still believes in Akira, because the girls's face expression. The result of the second ballots has ended. Nishikiori opens one and sees a name. He goes near the cage and shows it to the girls. Saitou is patrolling in the jungle. Suddenly a feet lands on his face. In the shadow of the jungle Akira is leading his group toward the camp. Someone yells the boys are back. Rion and the girls, Nishikiori and Katsuragi and co. hear that.

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