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Bleach Story RPG

Haineko goes off on her own to look for Tōjū. She encounters Narunosuke, a Zanpakutō Spirit who claims that the status of Tōjū doesn't apply to him. Haineko intends to kill him at first, but her maternal instincts kick in and she develops a crush on the spirit. She takes and hides him in an abandoned house, and begins stealing food and medical supplies from the 10th Division storage to feed and cure him, and tries to bring his case up to Rangiku, to get his Tōjū status revoked. Rangiku, however, says most Tōjū will eventually lose control and attack. Narunosuke, though his wounds have healed, his migraines are worsening, during which he has no control of his hands.

When Captain Hitsugaya asks her about the missing supplies, Rangiku becomes suspicious and decides to follow Haineko. She finds Narunosuke's hideout just in time to witness his transformation into a Tōjū. She intends to fight him, but Haineko blocks her way, protecting her friend. A sudden eruption of energy from Narunosuke throws Rangiku back. She asks Haineko again to stand aside but Haineko refuses. When Narunosuke's transformation completes and he attacks them, Haineko realizes he is beyond saving and decides to finish him herself. Before his death, Narunosuke has one last moment of sanity in which he thanks Haineko. She hugs him before finally killing him.