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Bleach Story RPG

When a new transfer student, Kyōko Haida, arrives in Ichigo's class, she immediately attracts the attention of Orihime and behaves strangely around her. At the same time, Ichigo and Rukia are chasing an elusive Tōjū that seems to be attacking teenage girls who have pink bear charms on their cell phones, as Kisuke concluded. When Kyōko scrapes her knee during gym class after being accidently tripped by a fellow student, Orihime volunteers to take her to the nurse's office. On the way, Kyōko discovers Orihime's powers when she saves her from a falling flower pot and reveals that she has powers of her own. Upon saying this, she says Orihime should be her friend due to this. When Orihime refuses, she threatens to tell everyone else about her unique abilities.

When Orihime asks her why she would do such a mean thing, a flashback occurs as Kyoko explains the history between her and her best friend Mai Suzuki. It is then that Orihime asks her to be her friend, not caring about the fact they have special powers. Suddenly, Kyōko erupts in a wave of violet energy, and Orihime sees a Zanpakutō materialize in her hand.

Later, Kyōko is revealed to be under the influence of the Tōjū that's been using Kyōko's body and her powers to fulfill what she saw in her soul. She transferred to Karakura High School after another girl, Mai Suzuki, who had been her only friend, rejected her for her powers. The Tōjū chases Mai onto a rooftop and urges Kyōko to kill her, but Kyōko refuses and the Tōjū fuses with her. When Orihime arrives and stops the Tōjū from killing Mai, she attacks Orihime instead, but is stopped by Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo and Rukia decide that, if the Tōjū has fully fused with Kyōko, they will have no choice but to kill her with the Tōjū, but Orihime insists that, deep down inside, Kyōko is still there. She is able to reach Kyōko's heart, and, when Kyōko begins to push the Tōjū out, Orihime is able to fully separate them with Sōten Kisshun, allowing Ichigo to finish the job with Getsuga Tenshō.

Mai's memories are erased by Rukia. This upsets Kyōko, but she soon finds herself with a new friend: Orihime Inoue.