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Bleach Story RPG

The three elites are gloating over their success, when Kōga Kuchiki and Muramasa appear. Kōga kills them and Ginrei Kuchiki is informed. Muramasa talks to Kōga in hopes of helping help get over his anger, but before he can do this they are found by Ginrei. Ginrei informs Kōga that the likely sentence for killing the elites is execution, causing Kōga to go insane. Muramasa tries to possess Ginrei’s Zanpakutō, but phases through Ginrei. Kōga removes his hairpiece, throws it at Ginrei and departs. He then goes on a killing spree. Muramasa tries to reason with him but fails, lamenting that he can’t hear Kōga anymore.

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto is informed of what’s going on and volunteers to help capture him whilst Ginrei explains how to resist Muramasa’s power. In a cave, Muramasa marerializes and asks why he killed those innocent bystanders. Koga replies that he did it to teach the Shinigami a lesson. Muramasa then asks if this is really necessary to create the new world. In response Koga gets angry and starts beating Muramasa, telling him that he is the master whilst Muramasa is just a weapon that should just be quiet and listen to him.

Soon after, Koga meets Ginrei and Yamamoto for a showdown. He tries to use Muramasa in battle, but Muramasa doesn't hear Koga and as such doesn't come to his aid. Ginrei and Yamamoto then use this opportunity to utilize the spears needed to seal away Kōga. These immobilise his limbs, allowing Yamamoto to use Kidō to imprison him.

Back in the present, Kōga thinks Muramasa betrayed him but Muramasa claims he never heard him. Kōga removes his blade from Muramasa in order to kill him, but Byakuya Kuchiki blocks the blow and challenges him.

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