As Ichigo fights Juhabach, the Vandenreich's leader makes some startling claims about Ichigo's lineage.

While Juhabach is engulfed within the mass of reiatsu being emitted by Ichigo, Haschwald is left to cry out in concern for his leader. Emerging with his left arm severely burnt, Juhabach comments that it was a mistake. Ichigo interprets this as referring to his survival of the Quincy's initial attack, to which the enemy responds by attacking Ichigo once again. Coming down low, Juhabach overpowers Ichigo's block and attempts to cut the Shinigami's forearm, only to be met with the same resistance as his neck.

Confirming his suspicions, Juhabach then clarifies that he meant it was a mistake to let a pure Quincy combat Ichigo, as the confrontation had awakened the memories within the boy's reiatsu. Explaining that by using the full force of his power to try and escape Quilge's jail, the feedback from his attack had awakened something at the very root of his soul. Due to this he was able to escape, as the jail was intended to hold enemies, and not Quincy. Confused, Ichigo can only ask what he meant by it all, to which Juhabach then reprimands him for knowing nothing about himself, nor his own mother.

While commenting that he had intended to take Ichigo back with them and "re-educate" him, Ichigo thinks back to his mother's death and becomes enraged, demanding once again to know what the Vandenreich leader meant. Saying he would reveal everything once they returned to the base, the Quincy once again moves to attack Ichigo, knocking back his sword arm and grabbing the boy's head with his other hand. Promising that the next blow couldn't be blocked with Blut Vene, Juhabach's arm is suddenly blocked by a mass of black reiatsu. Recognizing what it was, Haschwald comments that it was time to return as the Vandenreich leader could no longer remain outside of the safe area.

Wondering how the time could have come so soon, Juhabach realizes that Aizen must of done something to alter his perception of time during their conversation. Asking why Haschwald hadn't said anything beforehand if he knew, the latter merely replies he couldn't of stopped him even if he had wanted to. Moving to leave, Ichigo screams for them to not leave, promising to chase them down. Moving to intercept the duo, the Shinigami quickly finds his Zanpakutō's blade broken by Haschwald, and can only watch as the two are taken by the shadows. Just before disappearing, Juhabach promises to return one day and reclaim him, claiming Ichigo to be his son, "born in darkness".