Ichigo and Juhabach meet face to face.

Left alone, Byakuya notes that Ichigo did not answer his request before leaving. Reflecting on this, he contemplates that this is typical of Ichigo, and that he already knows, even without an answer. He expresses that he will leave it to Ichigo, before finally dying, his Zanpakutō crumbling away.

Haschwald steps towards Ichigo, but Juhabach stops him and tries to reason with the Shinigami. He praises him for breaking out of Quilge's jail, but points out that he is heavily injured, asking if he really intends to fight him in such a state. Paying Juhabach no heed, Ichigo asks him if he is the enemy leader. Juhabach answers that he is, but at the same time he is not. Agitated, Ichigo shouts at him, demanding to know if he is the one who made a mess out of Soul Society. Juhabach confirms that he is.

In response, Ichigo flares his Reiatsu. Juhabach tells Haschwald that there is no choice but to destroy the Shinigami. Ichigo attacks him with a Getsuga Tenshō, but the attack proves ineffective. Juhabach effortlessly pins him down and stabs him through the neck with his sword. Remarking that Ichigo is still breathing, he tells Haschwald to take him back to their castle so that they can resuscitate him and recruit him into their army. As he turns away however, he realizes that Ichigo is still conscious, and that his sword has been halted by Blut Vene. Ichigo then swings his sword at him, tearing up the ground around them with his Reiatsu.