Chapter 510 Cover

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The Juhabach that Yamamoto defeated is exposed as an impostor.

It is explained that the first people to accidentally switch Loyd Lloyd and his twin brother were the doctor and nurse that delivered them. Because the infants were identical to one another, it was impossible to tell which was younger or older, so what the parents were told was the opposite of the truth. Ultimately however, not even their parents could tell them apart. At the age of 5, the brothers realized that they looked alike because they had subconsciously mimicked one another before they were even born. After turning 12, they then realized that they could copy the appearances of others as well. The older brother, Loyd, could copy the power and abilities of others in addition to their appearance, while the younger brother, Royd, could copy their memories and personality in addition to appearance.

Hearing Juhabach's apology, Yamamoto wonders who he could possibly be apologizing to, as he was the one who started the war. Coming to a realization, he demands to know just what kind of monster the fallen "Juhabach" is. A massive explosion erupts behind Yamamoto; realizing that it came from the First Division's barracks, he screams out Genshirō Okikiba's name in concern. Catching Yamamoto off guard, Juhabach suddenly appears behind him, revealing the one he defeated to be a fake. Ignoring Yamamoto, Juhabach congratulates the fallen Stern Ritter "Y", Royd Lloyd, who had been impersonating him all along. Royd is brought to tears by the commendation, but Juhabach immediately finishes him off.

Angered, Yamamoto demands to know what Juhabach had been doing the entire time. He reveals that he had visited Sōsuke Aizen in the underground prison beneath the First Division's barracks. Juhabach goes on to say that he attempted to recruit Aizen as one of his "special war powers," but was turned down. He then asks Yamamoto if he used up all his power fighting Royd. Yamamoto proceeds to activate his Bankai once more, but Juhabach simply steals it, shocking the captain commander. Juhabach explains that it was not that his Bankai could not be stolen, but that he was the only one capable of doing so. He taunts Yamamoto, asking if perhaps he should rouse the corpse of his underlings. Yamamoto moves to attack him, but Juhabach raises his sword, summoning forth a massive bow in the sky that shoots a new sword to the ground. Picking it up, he bids farewell to Yamamoto, before slashing him.