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Yamamoto's battle against Juhabach comes to an end.

Juhabach looks on in shock as an army of charred skeletons bursts out of the ground, summoned forth by Yamamoto's Zanka no Tachi, Minami: Kaka Jūmanokushi Daisōjin technique. Yamamoto explains that by using the heat of his sword on the ashes of the people he has killed, he is able to raise them and bring them under his command. He then sends them charging towards Juhabach, telling him that they won't stop attacking until they grind him into dust.

Juhabach expresses his amusement over the leader of the Shinigami rousing the dead, calling Yamamoto a disgrace. Declaring that the attack will not work against him, he leaps towards Yamamoto, only to be blocked by a wall of skeletons. Yamamoto chastises him for talking too much, and tells him to take a closer look at the skeletons he just damaged. As the skeletons start to surround and grab onto him, Juhabach recognizes some of them as his deceased subordinates - Zeidritz, Algora, and Hubert. Yamamoto asks him how it feels to be held down by his own subordinates, and proceeds to walk away from him.

Distraught, Juhabach shouts after him, asking where he is going. Yamamoto tells him that he is simply leaving some distance, and that Juhabach can come after him after he has destroyed his subordinates. He then asks Juhabach if he regrets having not stolen his Bankai immediately, before postulating that he was actually incapable of doing so. He states that Ichigo Kurosaki's Bankai cannot be stolen because it still has room for growth, and that his own cannot be taken because even a thousand years before, he had not shown its full power. He concludes that logically, Juhabach cannot steal something with an unknown limit.

Still trapped by the skeletons, Juhabach screams out, prompting Yamamoto to mockingly note that the Quincy still has a heart. Finally breaking away from the skeletons, Juhabach again declares that he will not be stopped by such a technique. Yamamoto states that Juhabach must hate him for summoning his dead men and forcing him to break them. However, he then declares that his pain is nothing compared to that of all the Shinigami he killed. He proceeds to use Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin, instantly destroying a massive portion of Juhabach's torso, as well as most of his left arm. Believing the fight finished, he then deactivates his Bankai, prompting a deluge of water to fall. Mortally wounded, Juhabach states that his power was not enough, apologizing to Juhabach-sama.

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