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After avenging Sasakibe, Yamamoto goes to fight on the front lines.

Finally able to express his condolences towards Sasakibe, having reduced Driscoll to ashes, Yamamoto vows to slay the entire opposition with his own hands. The captain-commander then moves to engage the enemy directly amid an enormous explosion of reiatsu that is sensed throughout the battlefield. As Suì-Fēng becomes aware of Yamamoto's immense rage, Momo reiterates a similar sentiment elsewhere, causing Shinji to indicate that this was the first time he had seen the captain-commander fight on the front lines, so they had better hurry before Yamamoto steals all the fun. At the same time, Tōshirō tells Rangiku that they have a duty as Captain and Lieutenant to not be defeated so easily, which she acknowledges.

Also responding to Yamamoto's activities, Komamura rallies a number of Shinigami from the verge of death with a rousing speech, bewildering Bambietta in the process. Sensing the resonating reiatsu, Shunsui becomes serious after admitting to feeling as if he was being scolded from afar, almost like Yamamoto was telling him directly to be ashamed and that he wasn't raised to be a coward.

Elsewhere, a defeated Zaraki is held aloft by his throat, as Juha remarks that to look at one of the 5 special war powers in such a pathetic state, meant he had vastly overestimated the captain's strength. Stating that Zaraki should sleep now as Soul Society was about to end, he is interrupted by Yamamoto's destructive arrival. Bathed in flame, Yamamoto states that it had been nearly a thousand years since they last met, before ferociously declaring that he had come to annihilate him.