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As Yamamoto weathers the attacks of his lieutenant's Bankai from Driscoll, the Captain-Commander recalls the time Sasakibe used his Bankai against him.

Driscoll activates Sasakibe's Bankai, Kōkō Konryō Rikyū, telling Yamamoto that he should be thankful for being able to see it again. After Shūhei notes that it is able to affect the weather, Yamamoto is struck by lightning. Yamamoto recalls a visit that the young Sasakibe made to him at his school and how he always referred to him as "Eijisai-dono", a reference to the scar on his forehead. Though he knew Yamamoto disliked it and apologized for doing so, Sasakibe insisted that it would be wrong to use Yamamoto's real name. Sasakibe told Yamamoto that he wished to be his right arm and compensate for anything that Yamamoto could not do. He declined an offer to become an instructor as he thought that he would simply end up copying Yamamoto. At Yamamoto's behest, he tried to defeat Yamamoto with his mastered Bankai. Though he failed to defeat him, he left a permanent scar on Yamamoto's face. Sasakibe was told that his Bankai was like a child's, which he agreed with and said he would spend his life improving it in order to be of use to Yamamoto. He spent many years training intensely. When others began to call Yamamoto by a different name as a result of his new scar, Sasakibe continued to call him "Eijisai" as he could not change because of a scar he inflicted. It is due to this that he decided to call himself Genryūsai.

Yamamoto makes no effort to defend himself and Shūhei mistakenly thinks that he has lost consciousness and tries to help. However, Yamamoto stops him and states that Sasakibe would be mortified to see the Bankai he worked so hard to improve appearing so weak. He then uses his Shikai to burn the flesh off of Driscoll's face and upper body.