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As Kenpachi attacks Juhabach, Ichigo continues to try and break free of his prison. Additionally, while Hisagi is fighting a losing battle against a Stern Ritter, Yamamoto comes to his rescue.

The unnamed Vandenreich member looks at Kenpachi Zaraki in surprise as the captain throws the three defeated Stern Ritter to the ground. The three defeated Quincy are identified as Berenice Gabrielli, Jerome Guizbatt and Loyd Lloyd. Upon being asked how he defeated the them, Kenpachi briefly explains his battle with the three Stern Ritter and how he swiftly dispatched them. The unnamed Vandenreich member says that Kenpachi is a monster, but Kenpachi says that he is not interested in him. Kenpachi then attacks the Juhabach, but his blow is blocked by the leader's arm.

Meanwhile, in the Garganta, Ichigo discovers the fate of Byakuya, Rukia, and Renji and continues to attempt to break out of Quilge's jail. He remembers his friends among the Soul Society and shouts that he will protect them.

In Soul Society, Shūhei Hisagi fights another of the Vandenreich, Driscoll Berci. However, he is at an easy disadvantage and his opponent even says that it is painful to fight someone so weak. Hisagi thinks to himself that his enemy is too powerful. Driscoll explains that his letter is "O" for "Overkill" and that his power increases every time he kills. He states that he killed 100 people today and 100 people, including a lieutenant, the last time he was in Soul Society. He attacks Hisagi, but his attack is deflected by Captain-Commander Yamamoto. An excited Driscoll says that he is lucky to fight Yamamoto and that he will kill the Captain-Commander with his subordinate's own Bankai.

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