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Byakuya succumbs to Äs Nödt's attacks while Renji and Rukia are defeated. As Byakuya's apparent death is noted, Kenpachi confronts Juhabach.

Byakuya falls to his knees, bleeding. Äs Nödt informs the captain that he cannot win against his own Bankai with his Shikai. At this moment, Renji attacks Äs, shouting that he is unworthy of Senbonzakura. Rukia notices what is happening to her brother, and attempts to run to him, but her enemy attacks her. Renji's attack, meanwhile, is effortlessly blocked. His fight continues to be unsuccessful. Byakuya attempts to attack the Stern Ritter, but is overwhelmed by his own Bankai. Renji attempts to stop Äs but is stopped by another Quincy. As Byakuya's blade shatters, he makes a mental apology to Renji and Rukia.

Meanwhile, another member of the Vandenreich says to the leader that Byakuya is dead, and two note that the battle is dragging on. The two of them suddenly notice Kenpachi Zaraki with three Quincy on his back, one of them impaled upon his sword. He asks Juhabach if he is the boss.