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As Ichigo despairs in the Garganta, Byakuya struggles to shake off the fear induced by Äs Nödt.

Unable to break out despite using Getsuga Tenshō, Ichigo begins to despair and notices that he has been cut off from Urahara and the SRDI. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Byakuya is injured by Äs Nödt. Byakuya stops Renji from coming to his aid as they do not know the enemy's ability. Instead, he instructs Renji to watch as he draws out the Quincy's power. As Byakuya wonders if he has been poisoined due to feeling cold, Äs explains that he is suffering from fear. Äs compliments him on being able to resist it.

As the Quincy talks, Byakuya attacks. He thinks about how he has never repressed his fear, but is then subjected to visions of Rukia disintegrating. Äs cuts him and notes that the fear he is facing is primal and cannot be reasoned away. Byakuya shrugs off another vision and tries to attack, but Äs produces the Bankai stealing medallion and uses it to badly injure Byakuya.