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Bleach Story RPG

Ichigo travels to Soul Society while Akon and Urahara provide updates.

Hiyosu yells out, saying that they have managed to reach Ichigo Kurosaki, who is now out of Hueco Mundo and is currently headed for Soul Society. In Hueco Mundo, Sado, Orihime and Nelliel reach where Urahara is. Urahara asks them to recover Quilge's Bankai stealing medallion from his body. He then explains that he has sent Ichigo to Soul Society, and that now they must analyze the enemy.

In the Garganta, Akon is giving Ichigo in information on the current conditions in the Seireitei. Akon explains the enemy's appearance and power. However, Akon explains that they have no knowledge of their abilities, except that they are Quincy. Akon also informs Ichigo that the enemy have the ability to steal Bankai, which shocks Ichigo. Soon, Urahara joins their conversation and explains the enemy’s abilities starting with what he has analyzed. He explains three Quincy abilities, as well as their flaws. Urahara also explains that they have lured Ichigo into Hueco Mundo. All of a sudden, the exit is blocked. Quilge gets up using Ransōtengai and a cage appears, which traps Ichigo. Quilge laughs, saying that Ichigo has lost and will have to stay in that cage as he witnesses the destruction of Soul Society.