384px-Cover of 498. The Black Rescuer

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Akon tries to contact Ichigo, but ends up talking with Kisuke, who updates him on the situation in Hueco Mundo while Ichigo gains the upper hand against Kirge.

Akon is informed that Ichigo's Substitute Shinigami badge is in the Human World, but Ichigo himself is in Hueco Mundo. Learning that the device is at Urahara's shop, Akon orders his subordinate to connect to it. In Hueco Mundo, Urahara answers his Denreishinki. Akon demands to be put through to Ichigo, but Urahara says this is not possible as Ichigo is fighting a Quincy. Akon contemplates this for a moment and asks how the battle is progressing. He is told that Ichigo is gaining the upper hand.

Kirge attempts to steal Ichigo's Bankai, but is unable to do so. Urahara relays this info to Akon, who is stunned. As Pesche and Dondochakka chastise Urahara for being so laid back, he tells Akon that things must be bad if the researcher has to contact him and asks how things are going in Soul Society.As Kirge struggles to cope with Ichigo's power and speed, Ichigo asks him why he and Asguiaro Ebern wanted to seal his Bankai. Kirge declines to answer and instead mentally notes the difficulties he is having. As he refutes Ichigo's claim that the Quincy fear Bankai, Urahara fires an energy blast at him and instructs Ichigo to head to Soul Society at once via a Senkaimon he has opened. He throws Ichigo his Denreishinki and Akon begins to explain the situation to him.