Bleach Story RPG 545

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While the captains realize their mistake in using their Bankai, Shunsui begins fighting one of the Quincy.

As the captains and lieutenants react with shock at the Bankai being stolen, Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to inform the other captains via Tenteikūra of the problem. She does so and the others learn of the situation. Mayuri is enraged that they did not wait for his analysis to be completed.

Shunsui comments that it might be a good thing, noting that there is no telling how long they would have had to wait for Mayuri's analysis to be finished. He states that the Stern Ritter are not enemies they can defeat without Bankai and that someone would have to make the sacrifice eventually. His opponent attacks him and quickly injures Shunsui's eye.

The Vandenreich Leader leaves it up to his subordinate whether or not to kill the remaining Shinigami in the area. Byakuya stops Renji from using his Bankai, prompting a worried Renji to ask how they can fight the Vandenreich without Bankai.

Akon instructs his subordinate to contact Ichigo, noting that he will take responsibility for doing so without contacting the captain, who is on the front lines...