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The Gotei 13's captains and lieutenants square off against the Sternritter.

Hidetomo Kajōmaru, along with other members of the 13th Division are confronted by a Sternritter. Hidetomo stops the Sternritter, but he responds by saying that he doesn't mind if Hidetomo runs away, also stating that he is filled with fear. Hidetomo reacts violently, yelling not to mock his division. The Sternritter says that Hidetomo unconsciously believes that the situation is under control, but it is really a life and death matter. He also states that the war has already begun, but he is cut off by Hidetomo cutting him.

Meanwhile, Byakuya approaches Renji and Äs Nödt. He tells Renji that Äs is an enemy of Chōjirō Sasakibe, so Renji shouldn't show any mercy to any of the Sternritter. Renji argues that he did not intend to show any mercy, but he is interrupted when Äs steps forward. Byakuya then releases his Zanpakutō, in which Renji tells that none of the Sternritter can be cut by a Shinigami's blade. Byakuya disagrees, and Senbonzakura cuts Äs, surprising her and Renji. Another Sternritter begins to move toward Äs, but Byakuya suggests that he shouldn't carelessly move around. The ground crumbles, surprising the Sternritter as he falls down. Byakuya states he made it so that any movement results in the ground breaking, telling Renji it is 2 on 1 now. He also tells Renji that if his Bankai were to be sealed away, then Renji should use his. Renji argues against this, but Byakuya says that the Vandenreich are opponents that could not be defeated without the use of Bankai.

Sajin Komamura tells Iba that if watching how the Sternritter seal Bankai, then they have to find out how the Vandenreich do so. Hitsugaya tells Rangiku that is the reason why he'll be using Bankai beside her to find out how to break the seal. Suì-Fēng tells Ōmaeda that if the Gotei 13 can kill the Sternritter before they seal Bankai, then it won't be problematic. All the four captains then release their Bankai. However, The Sternritter take out a seal and all the captains' Bankai disappears. Byakuya states that it wasn't a sealing technique, but rather their Bankai was stolen from them.

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