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The Vandenreich assault on Seireitei commences, devastating the Gotei 13.

As the lieutenants and captains notice the pillars of blue flame across Seireitei, Rukia heads off to the base of one in anticipation of finding the enemy there. Third Seat Genshirō Ōkikiba tells Captain-Commander Yamamoto that he is heading out, but is instead ordered to stay and protect the First Division's buildings.

Izuru Kira asks a member of the Reishi Investigation Team how much longer they must wait for him to obtain readings of the blue flame. The Shinigami tells him that the density is so high it is causing problems with his instruments. Izuru asks his Third Seat, Rikū Togakushi, if he thinks the enemy is inside the fire, which he agrees with. As the Fifth and Sixth Seats exchange comments, the Reishi Investigator completes his analysis, confirming there is a Quincy inside. Izuru spots the enemy in the flame and orders an attack. However, the lieutenant is struck by a Heliel Piel which removes his arm and a large part of his torso. As he falls to the ground, Rikū orders his fellow officers to attack with their Shikai at once. They all release their Zanpakutō, but the Quincy overwhelms them before they can do anything. The Vandenreich apologize, saying that they were ordered to kill everyone.

In the SRDI, Akon notes the severity of the situation and that there is trackable enemy reiatsu in sixteen sites. The disappearance of the reiatsu of Izuru and his officers is noted. Akon states that there are a thousand Shinigami dead in the seven minutes of the battle and wonders how they can win.

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