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Kirge unveils a new ability as the Vandenreich begins its invasion of Soul Society.

As Ayon lunges at Kirge, the latter absorbs the reishi his body is made of, tearing the beast to shreds and becoming part of Kirge. Mila Rose picks up Apacci and the trio flee to Orihime and Sado's location, where Sung-Sun uses her Muda ability to conceal them. Mila Rose insists that they did not save them, but notes that it would be bad if Kirge absorbed them as well as Ayon. She realizes that Orihime is the girl that Aizen previously captured and wonders why she has returned to Hueco Mundo. Sung-Sun interrupts, saying that everything in Huceo Mundo is made of reishi, including their bodies. She explains about her Muda ability and that they cannot defeat Kirge. The Vandenreich officer finds them and begins to absorb them. However, he is attacked by Ichigo, who uses his Bankai to break the halo above his head, surmising that if he crushes it he cannot use the ability.

In Seireitei, Hidetomo tells Ryūnosuke that the enemy will likely like the previous assault, attack via one of the gates and they will receive a warning of their arrival. However, the Vandenreich Leader appears above them, inside the barrier. There are then a number of explosions around the gathered Shinigami.

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