Bleach Story justice by udarsha45

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Ayon turns his head to face Apacci, Sung-Sun and Mila Rose, who tell Ayon not to care about them and for him to go. Ayon lets out a huge roar, creating a large shockwave. As Ayon goes to attack Kirge, Apacci tells Ichigo and his friends that they are not their enemy, but if they want to live, they should run. Kirge prepares himself, saying that such a monster cannot possibly defeat him. However, in the middle of talking, Ayon sends a huge punch that badly injures Kirge.

In Soul Society, Shino and Ryūnosuke are running to their station. Ryūnosuke asks Shino why the Shinigami have to fight the Quincy. Shino angrily responds that it’s because they declared war on them. Ryūnosuke says that he means why they fight each other if they have that same purpose, which was to fight Hollows. The sixth seat of the Thirteenth Division, Hidetomo Kajōmaru, approaches. Shino quickly apologizes for being late. Having heard their conversation, Kajōmaru explains that the difference between the two is that the way they kill Hollows. Unlike Shinigami, Quincy completely destroy Hollows when they kill them. He continues to explain that Shinigami were once called Balancers, as it indicated their job, as they maintain the number of souls that reside in Soul Society and the Human World. Since Quincy destroy Hollows completely, the balance between the two worlds was tipped. Souls would only go the Human world and Soul Society would have flowed into the Human World. After rejecting Soul Society’s many attempts for negotiations, the Shinigami had to take drastic measures. 200 years ago, the decision was made to exterminate the Quincy. Now, the Quincy hold a grudge.

In Hueco Mundo, Ayon continues to mercilessly beat Kirge and throws him to the ground. Apacci comes over, saying that Kirge seems quite sturdy considering he took so many beatings from Ayon. Suddenly, she is stabbed by Kirge through the chest and falls to the ground. Kirge rises, saying that he was not warned about such power and that he must advise his master to adjust the strength of their Blut. Kirge stands, saying he’ll have everyone die quickly.