Udarsha45 bleach story RPG 1

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Harribel's Fracción defeat a number of the Jagdarmee members before facing off their leader. Meanwhile, the Shinigami hold a captain meeting where they are informed about the new threat.

As Apacci and Mila Rose bicker, Sung-Sun challenges Kirge. Ichigo Kurosaki notices a commotion at the Jagdarmee camp and Nel tells him that it is being caused by the Tres Bestia. She explains that they are Harribel's three Fraccion, and about their reputation, proclaiming that the enemy will be defeated swiftly. Apacci and Mila Rose continue to argue as the three Arrancar make short work of the Jagdarmee troops. Kirge offers to allow them to surrender, saying that their strength would be of use to his leader. He states that he would prefer to take them alive so they can join their army and serve with Harribel. However, the trio dismiss this.

In the First Division's offices, the Gotei 13 captains assemble to hear about the Vandenreich assault. After listening to Akon's report to the captains, Mayuri states that the intruders call themselves Vandenreich and that their attack is undoubtedly linked to the recent disappearances of Hollows. After stating that they are Quincy, he reveals that they do not know how they survived or increased their numbers. He comments on their ability to enter Seireitei so easily and on Sasakibe's dying words. Yamamoto asks him where their base is, but Mayuri replies that he does not know. The Captain-Commander orders the captains to prepare for battle immediately, as they cannot trust the word of the Vandenreich that it will be five days before the battle and will not allow them to take the initiative again.

Ichigo arrives at the site of the battle between the Tres Bestia to find that they have been all defeated. Kirge notices him and states that they have many guests today.