Udarsha45 bleach story RPG 2

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Ichigo and company arrive in Hueco Mundo where the Jagdarmee is gathering its captives.

While Urahara leads Ichigo and the others through the Garganta, Ichigo queries how he was able to arrive at such a convenient time. Urahara comments on the amount of unusual activity recently that had put him on alert, saying that it is all connected and is not a trivial matter. They arrive in Hueco Mundo to find ruined buildings and the sand itself burning. Members of the Jagdarmee hear something as the group falls from the sky, but dismiss the noise as their imagination. The group note the dead bodies lying around the area. Pesche explains that it is their way and explains that the blue flames they can see are cause by the enemy's use of condensed reishi. Ichigo asks what will happen to those that are being dragged away by the invaders. Pesche states that they will be taken to their camp and divided into groups to be killed or taken away. Ichigo decides to go save them, despite being told that Dondochakka is not among them. Urahara wonders if Ichigo realizes that he is going to help those that were his enemies just recently. Sado states that because Pesche and Nel know that Ichigo is that kind of person, they trust him to do something about the situation. The group follow Ichigo..

At the Jagdarmee camp, the unit commander Kirge Opie looks on as the captives are lined up, ready for selection. Kirge explains the selection process to the captives, but as he does so he is attacked by two of them. Kirge complains about how long it takes his subordinates to show concern for him before stating that their swords were supposed to have been taken. Loly and Menoly cast off their cloaks and introduce themselves, before being swiftly put down by Kirge. He tells his subordinates to beat them but not kill them as "his majesty" wishes to collect "idiots with guts". As he talks about the quality of Aizen's Arrancar, including Harribel, he is attacked by Harribel's Fracción.