Udarsha45 bleach story RPG 4

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As the Vandenreich leader listens to his subordinate's report, Yuki is recalled to attend the funeral of Sasakibe and Tier Harribel is revealed to be a prisoner.

Luders is lying on the ground, panting after having his arm cut of by the Vandenreich Leader. The Vandenreich Leader says that he will allow him to speak while lying down, but that he would not need his legs, causing Luders to quickly apologize and say he would never be so rude to him. The Vandenreich Leader then asks for a report. Meanwhile, Yuki and Ichigo's friends have a conversation and Ichigo returns to his room. Orihime asks if anything happened and before he answers, Yuki receives word that the First Division's lieutenant, Chōjirō Sasakibe has died. Yuki tells the others the news and returns to Soul Society for the funeral and Ichigo's friends leave. Thinking that he cannot just do nothing, Ichigo goes to patrol around Karakura Town. Then, out of nowhere, Nel falls on Ichigo. Before he can say a thing, Nel begs for for Ichigo's help and starts to say something about Hueco Mundo.

The Vandenreich leader asks Luders if he is a prophet, as he said that five days is the required time to prepare for battling Soul Society. He denies this and the leader says he does not want to hear about the future right now and kills him. He then says that Ivan has also done his job well, but kills him too. Another member asks the leader if Arrancar are precious soldiers or not. The leader says that it does not matter and says that if he wanted Arrancar, he could get as much as he wanted, revealing Tier Harribel in chains, unconscious. The leader then says that Hueco Mundo is already their territory..