Udarsha45 bleach story RPG 5

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As the masked strangers leave Seireitei, Ichigo's battle with Ivan comes to an abrupt end. Ivan and the masked group arrive at their headquarters.

One of the masked men states that Soul Society will be destroyed in five days by the "Vandenreich". Yamamoto frees Sasakibe and looks at the masked men. One of the masked men informs him that he can tell that Yamamoto wants to ask who they are and that they would never answer although it is easy to figure out who they really are. They say farewell to Yamamoto and leave by using a shadow. Yamamoto tries to prevent them from leaving and releases his Ryūjin Jakka, burning a large area before realizing that the men had already left. He notices that their Reiatsu has already disappeared from Seireitei, meaning that they are not affected by the Shakonmaku. Sasakibe wakes up and tells Yamamoto something about the masked men and Bankai. Meanwhile, a heavily wounded Ivan furiously wonders why Ichigo's Bankai did not vanish but is surprised by Ichigo from behind, pointing his blade at side of his face. Ichigo states that he is taking Ivan back for questioning but Ivan escapes by using a shadow and informs Ichigo that it only hides the "chosen ones".

Later, the 7 strangers arrive at their hideout and the one who spoke to Yamamoto takes off his mask. He notices Ivan bowing before him and starts an argument with him. A mysterious man, who appears to be the leader, cuts off the right arm of the man who is arguing with Ivan and says that he does not like them to fight in front of him, and demands to hear their reports for the sake of peace..