365px-Bleach chapter 482 title page

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As Ivan reveals his identity to Ichigo, Ikkaku and Yumichika investigate disappearances in Rukongai.

After Ivan refuses to get off of the bed, Ichigo kicks him out the window. The group discuss Ivan's identity, noting that he looks like an Arrancar. As Ichigo changes to his Shinigami form, to question Ivan and lead him away from the house, the others remain behind, promising to come after finishing the bread. Ichigo asks if he is an Arrancar and what he wants with him, stating that he does not appear to want revenge for Aizen. Ivan denies being an Arrancar and produces a Quincy cross from which he generates a weapon. In Rukongai's 64th Eastern district, Sabitsura, Ikkaku and Yumichika find an empty village. Ikkaku states that whatever is happening must still be in progress as the report he received indicated there were still some people in the village. A Shinigami reports that he could not find anyone, while another brings them to a series of footprints. They deduce that the villagers were gathered there by other villagers and then taken elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a report is being delivered to Yamamoto when it is interrupted by a group of white-clad people whose faces are hidden. One of the group greets Yamamoto and declares war on him..