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As Riruka leaves, Ichigo arrives in Seireitei and meets the new captains of the Gotei 13.

Urahara brings Riruka breakfast, but finds that she has gone so instead offers the meal to Jinta. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Sentarō Kotsubaki informs Ukitake that Ichigo has defeated Kūgo, who is glad to hear the news. A messenger reports to Yamamoto that Ichigo has arrived in Soul Society. Ichigo is greeted at the First Division meeting room by many of the captains, including Kensei Muguruma, who instructs him to go inside. Ichigo tells Yamamoto that he came to bring Kūgo's body back to the Human World to bury it. The captains are surprised by this. Suì-Fēng protests that he is a criminal and murderer, while Captain Hirako asks if Ichigo can forgive Kūgo for what he did to his family. Ichigo replies that it is not about forgiving him, saying that everything is back to normal and he is just a Substitute Shinigami. Yamamoto states that he believes Ichigo has thought carefully about what he said.

Later, Shunsui visits Ukitake, telling him that Ichigo is back and that he took his Badge with him. He states that he ask Ichigo, but that he apparently trusts them, commenting that he has grown up. Ukitake states that they had failed to realise this.

In the Human World, Riruka thanks Kūgo for inviting her to join Xcution, Chad for trusting them, Orihime for crying for her. As she silently leaves she expresses her hope that Ichigo would forget about her, but knows he will always remember Xcution.

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