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Tsukishima is upset at Ginjō's death, Yukio departs, and Riruka is still alive. Tsukishima has a realization.

Tsukishima cries out at the loss of Ginjō, yelling why did he have to die. He says that Ginjō taught him how to fight, but never taught him what to do if he died. Shishigawara shows up and Tsukishima calms down and says the he sees, that's how things should be. Yukio and Jackie Tristan are then shown and Yukio is relieved that she survived. Jackie says that she might as well be dead since she lost her ability. Yukio says that good for her since she is the only one who hated her ability. Jackie tells Yukio that she found Giriko's body on her way and buried it. Jackie says she is a bit jealous of Giriko who died with his Fullbring and that the only thing linking them together might have been their Fullbrings. Yukio says that he wasn't linked to anybody and that he'll come back in three years and the company will be three times as large. Jackie says they'll be waiting.

Riruka wakes up surrounded by Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime. She is surprised to be alive and Ichigo states that Urahara came to get them, but they couldn't find any of the others. Orihime is shown lying next to her and is happy that she is alright. Riruka asks, what about Tsukishma, but Orihime asks who that is.

Shishigawara is walking holding Tsukishima on his back, who is not dead. Tsukishima says, now I see it Ginjō, and that it's only after he (Ginjō) died that he was able to see it, but that maybe Ginjō knew all along. Tsukishima thanks Shishigawara and says he was never alone...

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