348px-Chapter 477 Cover

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As Ichigo overwhelms Kūgo, Tsukishima tries to intervene, but Riruka exits Rukia's body to stop him.

As Riruka listens to Rukia's thoughts about Ichigo changing Soul Society, Ichigo and Kūgo land nearby. They clash again, resulting in Kūgo's sword breaking and him being mortally wounded. Kūgo slumps to the ground, wondering what would have happened if Ichigo had become a Substitute Shinigami before him.

As Tsukishima tries to attack Ichigo, Rukia steps between them and Riruka bursts forth from her chest, taking the attack instead. She chastises Tsukishima for using an attack that would kill rather than alter memories. As Tsukishima screams at Kūgo not to die, Riruka tells him that Ichigo saved Kūgo while they could not.

Kūgo meeting Tsukishima for the first time is recalled...

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