738px-Chapter 475 Cover

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Yukio is shocked to see his chat room burst open as Ichigo releases Bankai, prompting Kūgo to do the same.

Rukia awakens to see the other Shinigami just standing around while Ichigo is still inside one of the pocket dimensions. Yukio tells her that even he cannot deactivate it and that they cannot break it. Rukia refuses to believe that and wonders if there is some other reason they do not act. To Yukio's shock, the dimension is broken apart by Ichigo activating his Bankai.

Ichigo tells Kūgo to be quiet and complains about Uryū worrying about him too much. He reveals that he knew there was something odd about what Ukitake had said, but one day he realized that if Ukitake was so much smarter than him, he could have easily avoided making Ichigo suspicious of the badge. Instead, Ichigo thinks that he did so intentionally and that he chose the path that would allow him to protect people. He swears to protect his friends and allies.

Kūgo responds by saying that he had not wanted to kill Ichigo and activates his Bankai.