1000px-Chapter 469 Cover

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While Tsukishima exposes Byakuya's weakness, Riruka uses her Love Gun on Rukia before taking more drastic action.

After Tsukishima cuts him with Book of the End, Byakuya seals his sword and attempts to strike back. Tsukishima evades the strike, commenting that the captain's hesitation upon realizing that he knew of Senbonzakura's abilities and weakness has seal his fate. Tsukishima reveals his knowledge of Senbonzakura's "Hurtless Area", an 85cm zone that neither the Shikai nor Bankai will cut anyone. He states that he needs to attack rather than retreat in order to exploit this. Meanwhile, Riruka uses her Love Gun to launch dolls and a cabinet at Rukia. Having finally revealed her location to Rukia, Riruka asks the lieutenant if she thinks that she can kill her. Rukia replies that she will not kill a normal Human as it is a Shinigami's duty to protect Humanity. As they fight, Rukia works out that the Love Gun can fire whatever objects are inside of it, but tells the Fullbringer that she cannot fight her as an equal regardless of how powerful it is. Riruka states that Fullbringers are more than just Human and uses her Addiction Shot to place Rukia inside a small plushie, asking if she can hold a Zanpakutō in that state.