Bleach Chapter 468 Cover

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Byakuya fights Tsukishima while Ikkaku talks with Moe about loyalty.

As they exchange words, Byakuya remarks that Tsukishima is a cautious man. Tsukishima states that he is thinking of a plan and begins cutting at his surroundings before the pair resume their battle. Meanwhile, Moe grabs Ikkaku's leg as he tries to walk away, insisting that he will continue to fight the Shinigami. Ikkaku tells him there is no reason for him to die in this fight, prompting Moe to state that he has given his life to Tsukishima. Ikkaku asks if Tsukishima would give his for him as easily as he would, shouting at him that he should only die for those that would do the same for him. He calls Moe an attention seeker and offers to kill him if he persists.

Byakuya triggers a trap set by Tsukishima, who reveals that his Book of the End can insert his presence into the past of inanimate objects, allowing him to set the trap. He grabs Byakuya's wrist as he prepares to strike the captain.

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