Chapter 467 Cover page

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Hitsugaya bargains with Yukio to end the game while Ikkaku toughs it out against Moe.

Hitsugaya surprises Yukio by sparing him from the monsters, but quickly encases him in ice, leaving just his head and arm free. Reasoning that the dimension they are in may not disappear if Yukio dies, Hitsugaya tells him he will let him live if he disables his Fullbring in the next five minutes. Meanwhile, Moe becomes exasperated with Ikkaku, who is standing in mid air. The two come to blows again, with Moe breaking Hōzukimaru. Ikkaku switches to hand to hand combat. As the pair exchange blows, Moe wonders how Ikkaku is able to continue attacking despite the damage he has taken. After one of his attacks connects but fails to hit the jackpot, Moe realizes that the probability of his Fullbring hitting the jackpot decreases the more he uses it in rapid succession.

He attacks Ikkaku once again, successfully getting a jackpot, but Ikkaku grabs him and head-butts him, leaving him slumped on the ground. Ikkaku then claims that he is the luckiest man in the Gotei 13.