Chapter 466 Cover page

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Jackie sacrifices herself to save Renji while Hitsugaya defeats Yukio.

Renji carries Jackie as he searches for a way out of Yukio's dimension, stating that he had expected an exit to appear after defeating her. Jackie tells him it is likely because she is still alive. Surprised that she is conscious so soon, Renji praises her toughness. He declines her offer to kill her, before noticing that the sky is folding. Jackie states that Yukio had been watching them and is now erasing the dimension they are in. She urges him to kill her so that an exit can appear, but Renji again refuses, insisting that they will leave by force. Jackie comments that he is a good man before there is an explosion.

Yukio compliments her for sacrificing herself to save an enemy, but wonders if he survived. He is interrupted by the arrival of Hitsugaya, who tersely responds to the talkative Yukio as he creates monsters to attack the captain with. As he evades the attacks of the monsters, Hitsugaya surmises from listening to Yukio that the boy was abandoned. Yukio denies this, claiming to have abandoned his parents after ruining his father's business and taking his money for himself.

Hitsugaya sneaks up on Yukio as he talks and freezes him in place. He then reminds him that the monsters are still chasing after him as they bare down on the pair.

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