1000px-Chapter 465 Cover

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Ikkaku squares off against Moe as Renji shows his strength against Jackie.

Ikkaku dodges a tree felled by Moe, wondering how his attacks are strong enough to knock over a tree. Moe strikes him in the shoulder, dislocating it. Ikkaku uses his muscles to reset the joint, startling Moe. Meanwhile, Renji refuses to attack Jackie first and asks about the engine on her arm. When Jackie asks how he knows about such things, he tells her that Shūhei brought one to Seireitei and was scolded for it. Jackie tells him that her Dirty Boots ability grants her more strength the dirtier she is and urges him to draw his sword. Renji dodges her initial attack and shrugs off the second, stunning Jackie.

Renji invites her to make her strongest attack, which he blocks with the back of his hand. He strikes her in the abdomen with the hilt of Zabimaru and tells her that for the last seventeen months, he has been training to be able to fight Aizen.