Come Around Our Turn
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Ichigo tests out his new powers as the Shinigami reveal why they helped him and Ginjō's identity is revealed.

Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō misses Kūgo, who attempts to flee. He thinks to himself that they need to retreat and regroup, but Ichigo prevents him from escaping. He throws Kūgo to the ground, leaving him wondering if his Fullbring had enhanced his innate abilities. Ichigo fires another Getsuga directly at him.

Ichigo notes that his new power come from not just the Shinigami that are present, but also Hirako, Rangiku, Unohana, Hanatarō, Isshin, Urahara, Yoruichi and Yamamoto. Ichigo asks them if it was a crime to transfer Shinigami powers to a Human. Renji replies that it was an order from the Captain-Commander and recounts how Urahara had gone to the 1st Division barracks to request the assistance of the Gotei 13 in restoring Ichigo's powers. Yamamoto agrees to help, saying that they should do what they can to help the person who had helped them so much. Even though it is against the customs of Soul Society, he orders the captains and lieutenants to place their reiatsu into the specially prepared sword Urahara had brought.

Hitsugaya tells Ichigo that it is because of him that Yamamoto would do such a thing. He states that the power he has been given is the result of his changing Soul Society by helping them. He then reveals that there is another reason they helped him regain his powers. He identifies Kūgo as the original Substitute Shinigami, saying that he abandoned his position and vanished.